Geargrid accessories are designed to store firefighter equipment correctly, effectively and with vesitility. All the accessories can be fitted retrospectivly into our lockers and are able to be adjusted to each 75mm grid position.

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Top-side storage – This unit provides additional overhead storage for lockers with no doors (lockers with doors have built in overhead storage). The space can be used for kit bags, tools or other bulky items. 
Power Bar – Adds electrical sockets to each locker to allow for chargers of phones, torches and tools can be installed on to new or exisiting GearGrid systems.
Gearglove – Constructed of stainless steel, this innovative hanger allows gloves to retain their shape and allow efficient drying. These hangers significantly extend the useful life of gloves. Geardryer – The unique shape of this stainless steel hanger provides the ultimate method to allow quick drying and shape retention of jackets. A simple solution to assist the elimination of odour and mould.
Heavy-hanger – Made from stainless steel, this is the strongest traditional style hanger available. Gearhanger – A  stainless steel adjustable hang rod that can be clipped into any locker.
Glove Rack – A handy dispenser for storing disposable gloves. Binder Rack – A convenient way to store folders or manuals up to A4 size.
Stow-away seat – This unique folding seat can be fitted to new or existing Geargrid lockers – providing the lockers have no doors. The seat is solid wood. Maximum capacity 250kg. SecureBox – Provides a safe location for personal items such as phone, keys, wallet etc. The box can be fitted to both new and existing lockers.
Backboard Rack – An attachment that provides storage for up to 5 backboards per rack that can be located inside a storage locker or secured to the end of a unit. A heavy duty Velcro strap is included to hold the boards in place. Helmet Holder – A simple accessory made from powder coated steel that clips onto a shelf to securely locate a helmet.