Wall Mount Lockers

Wall mounted lockers in three standard sizes offering a system to allow damp items to dry faster and reduces moisture retention within garments.

Mobile Storage Lockers

Geargrid’s mobile lockers provide ultimate flexibility. Where space for wall mounted lockers is limited or mobility is required these lockers are the answer. The materials used to construct these lockers are identical to those used for our wall mounted lockers.

Locker Accessories

Range of accesories to accomodate and complimanet storage within our locker range. All adjustable within each locker and designed specifically for Firefighter equipment.

Hose and BA Cylinder Storage

Storage systems for BA cylinders and hose. Range includes small mobile units, heavy duty frames and secure storage designed to suit your requirement.

Seattle Storage System

This ultra tough 32” deep storage solution provides maximum versatility to provide storage for heavy equipment including kit bags, cylinders, wet/dry suits and PPE.

Slinger Workbench

A thoroughly practical heavy duty workbench unit, developed in partnership with fire officers to provide a strong, safe and mobile unit for the inspection, cleaning and maintenance of BA cylinders.

Miami Storage System

Miami Storage System, designed for bulk storage of cyclinders, kit bags, equipment etc. Mobile or Wall mountable options.

More inforamtion is available in our catalogue.