Slinger Slinger Charging Station


Slinger Workstation

A thoroughly practical heavy duty workbench unit, developed in partnership with fire officers to provide a strong, safe and mobile unit for the inspection, cleaning and maintenance of BA cylinders. 

Each unit has a heavy duty work surface available in three different finishes (brushed stainless steel, black laminate and granite laminate). Under the work-top is storage space for cylinders, hose and tools. Storage bays can be fitted with secure doors, if required.

Stansted Airport Slinger Workbench/Charging station.

The units are mounted on heavy duty castors (that have a capacity of 1½ tonnes) that provide the ability to move the unit through doors and rooms, allowing the workstation to be brought to the equipment for safer and easier loading and unloading.

When a large work area is required, two units can be connected securely, back to back, using a quick-connect mechanism.