Seattle System Kit Bag Storage


“Seattle” Heavy Duty Storage System.

This ultra tough 32” deep storage solution provides maximum versatility to provide storage for heavy equipment including kit bags, cylinders, wet/dry suits and PPE.

These mobile units (which can also be wall mounted) are supplied with castors capable of carrying 400kgs. each. A total weight capacity of over 1½ tonnes!

The versatility of the Geargrid system allows each locker to be fitted to meet your exact need.

 Fittings available include:

  •  Secure doors.
  •  Cylinder storage shelves
  •  Hang- bar.
  •  Flat shelves.
  •  A special feature is an adjustable height wetsuit/dry-suit hang-bar. (see news article - Click Here)

As with all Geargrid storage, the heavy duty steel construction is powder coated with multiple colour options. All shelves are adjustable in increments of 3”.