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Wet Suit / Dry Suit Hanger   2012-07-24

Dry Suit hanging system.


Geargrid have developed a new adjustable accessory to accommodate wet suits, dry suits or boilers suits to be hung full length. This aids in drying the suit correctly and also stores suits without any part being creased or folded.
Adjustable to every 75mm grid square the Dry Suit hanging rail can be located to any height within a Standard or Seattle locker system range. The bar set at its maximum height sits 900mm above the top of the locker giving up to 2.7mtrs of hanging space.
As with all of the Geargrid range of accessories the Dry Suit Hanging Rail can be added in to existing products.
We would recommend the Dry Suit hanging rail to be used in conjunction with the Gear Dryer hanger. This then opens the suit up within the shoulders setting the garment in the optimum position for drying and storage.
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