6 pack product mobile fire station lockers mobile fire station lockers 2

Geargrid’s mobile lockers provide ultimate flexibility. Where space for wall mounted lockers is limited or mobility is required these lockers are the answer. The materials used to construct these lockers are identical to those used for our wall mounted lockers.

They provide amazing strength and versatility and can be supplied with or without secure doors. The wheels are exceptionally robust and the units are capable of carrying over 400kg. With the ability to be moved it means they can be utilised to position equipment adjacent to the fire appliance, store products in open space areas and allow transportation to and from drying rooms.

Also available with adjustable supports for use on uneven or sloping floors or permanent bolt down feet.

Available in four configurations.

2 – Pack - Two lockers side by side

3 - Pack - Three lockers side by side.

4 – Pack - Two lockers side by side and back to back.

6 – Pack - Three lockers side by side and back to back.

Our standard widths of lockers in each of the configurations are available - 450mm, 500mm and 600mm.